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16, Iona Road Dunfermline KY11 4ED


OCCO Operation Carbon Capture Orchard is a community project aiming to promote the use of natural foods in Fife. The orchard is everywhere and the produce diverse. As we all know there is too much carbon in the atmosphere, it seems churlish to sit and say that "they" should protect the rainforest as we sit on the site of the Ancient Caledonian Forest with so few trees. As well as storing a bit of carbon we can get so much more out of replanting. As a nation we need to eat more fruit and take a bit more exercise. You can't get fruit cheaper than free and you can't get it fresher than off the tree! There are thousands of different types of apples, rather than the few that suermarkets offer. Every apple flown from New Zealand has a carbon cost of the fuel to chill it and fly it over. We are looking at ways to enhance what is there as well as adding to it. The organisation is intended to be cellular and each group will lead in their area, after all locals know best! As well as wild food, we are also trying to encourage people with fruit trees or bushes on their land to allow us to help them make the best use of any surplus fruit. Such abundance wil be passed onto groups such as the fruit project. It's all on your doorstep, you just have to look!

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Fife, detail by arrangement.

Date: Sunday 0900hrs

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