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Fife Polish Association "Most"
Fife Polish Association “MOST” was formed in June 2006 by the group of young and enthusiastic Polish migrants with the support from FRAE Fife. Name “MOST” (Polish for “bridge”), like our logo, symbolises an integration of Polish migrants among themselves and with Scottish people living in Fife. Objects of the Association are as follow: to work towards the integration of Polish people in Fife, identify their needs and organize help for people in need; to help new Polish migrants to assimilate in Fife; to promote and spread Polish culture, Polish language and knowledge about Poland; to cooperate with other centres of the Polish community abroad; to work towards the elimination of discrimination and social exclusion within society by promoting equality of opportunity between people of different race, nationality, religion, colour, gender and disability. Within our activities, entirely based on a voluntary work, we establish contacts and meet with representatives of local Council, agencies and voluntary oraganizations. We organize presentations and provide information which should help new Polish migrants settle in Fife. We have also created a Polish Community Centre “Polska Swietlica” . Membership Membership of Fife Polish Association “MOST” is open to any Polish person or person of Polish origin and also persons related to the person of Polish origin and all other persons who support Fife Polish Association “MOST”. You are welcome to join us. If you wish to do so, please contact us.
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