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6 , Anderson Hall , High Street Leslie KY6 3DA


Help Fife Animals is a registered Scottish Charity, founded in 1994.  Our members dedicate their spare time to helping unwanted domestic pets within the Fife area.  We are self-supporting and rely on fund-raising events, grants and donations to enable us to carry out our valuable work.

We realized from the outset that pet rescue can only work if the root of the problem is tackled.  Unfortunately, within the UK we have many more pets than we have responsible pet owners.  In order to reduce the amount of dogs and cats being born each year, Help Fife Animals adhere to a very strict neutering policy.  Our puppies and kittens are all early neutered.  The mothers of these litters are also neutered whether they are re-homed or stay in their original home. Financially, it is tough, but it is working, as our 500 animals per year, fell to 400 animals by 2001, 300 in 2002 and 2003.  Since then our numbers have continued to fall slowly.  

When funds allow we offer financial assistance to pet owners who are unable to meet the full cost of neutering?

Our re-homing policy is strict.  We stress the amount of work involved in responsible pet ownership, and explain the financial aspects of pet health and welfare.  We do not home dogs to full time workers, or flat dwellers, and we pay close attention to the council’s rules regarding pet ownership within their housing stock.  

Our animals are all looked after in foster homes, allowing experienced pet owners to assess their temperament and future needs.

Help Fife Animals recognize the need for community education re. pet ownership.  We run dog training classes and can provide dog behaviour counselling.  To enable us to expand our service to the community we purchased our own dog training hall in January 2000.  The hall is used for dog training classes 4 nights per week.  We host educational visits from school children, the elderly, the disabled etc.  The hall is also used for fund-raising events, animal related workshops, seminars and meetings.

Fund -Raising is relentless and volunteers are always required to help in many different ways, eg;

 To foster animals in their own home

 To do home checks and follow up visits

 To assist at dog training classes

 To help carry out repair and maintenance work  at our hall 

              To donate unwanted gifts to use as raffle / tombola prizes

etc. etc.etc.


Meeting Place

6 High Street



Date: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.

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